Hello Neighbors

My name is Deb Houdek Rule. I am running for the HOA Board of Directors, and wanted to introduce myself and my goals for our community.

Deb and Geo RuleMy husband, Geo Rule – that’s short for “George” – and I moved to Settlers Ridge in July of 2021. We both just retired. Our house here in Settlers Ridge is, we hope, are final home, so we are very committed to both our home and the entire community being the best, happiest, and friendliest it can be.

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One of the major projects I am hoping to push forward is restoration of the nature areas in and around Settlers Ridge to its best possible condition.

One project my husband and I are already working on is Prairie Restoration of our land adjoining the Richard T. Anderson Conservation Area and park. We are working closely with the City of Eden Prairie, the Conservation Area/Park District, and the Riley Purgatory Bluff Creek Watershed District, which is the watershed district for our area. A city, park, and watershed arborist has already surveyed our property to endorse our plans.

Our land adjoining the Conservation area, and many other properties here that I have seen, are heavily covered in non-native noxious invasive plants and trees, that not only damage our property, risk dangerous erosion of the Bluffs, but are also an active danger to the Conservation park land.

Both the City of Eden Prairie and the Riley Purgatory Bluff Creek Watershed District have programs to financially help homeowners to remove invasives – mainly Buckthorn – from their properties.

As part of the Homeowners Association I would like to help others clear out these invasive species and restore the Bluffs and surrounding areas to the way they are supposed to be: Native Prairie with scattered Oak Barrens.